The National Mobilization for Equity is a new coalition focusing on organizing May Day and other activities to support the majority of college teachers who are currently “contingent.” Educational quality cannot be sustained on the backs of  more than a million underpaid teachers without any job security, academic freedom, basic benefits and other essential forms of support.

Join the Mobilization for Equity to help organize May Day and other activities in support of the Mayday $5K Campaign or simply to highlight the staffing crisis in higher education and the need for change.

Be a part of building a broad-based movement to activate the nation’s contingent faculty at the grass-roots level. Increased public awareness will also help efforts by unions and other organizations working with state or federal entities to advance contractual and legislative remedies.

In addition to contingents, we need to reach out to tenure-track faculty, retirees, students and their parents, allied organizations, community groups and the general public. Organizing May Day and other events around the country can help develop  a national grass-roots movement to better support the majority of college teachers and thereby improve the quality of education for our students.

Albany rally April 2006

7 thoughts on “JOIN US

  1. Hey All,

    Thanks for the kudos you tossed my way regarding AB 1690. A quick update: the bill is now going to the floors of the CA House and Senate, where it is expected to pass.

    The big challenge will be the governor, but we think he’s very open to persuasion.

    Be looking for my posts on the Crisis for this, discussion of an Adjunct Activist Toolkit I’ve put together, and updates regarding Campus Equity Week.

    By the way, are any of you within the AFT. I am Vice President of the AFT National Adjunct Caucus and the chair of the Organizing Committee. We’re looking for AFT adjuncts or NTT who’d like to join and who are especially interested in organizing,

    My email is

    Geoff Johnson
    AFT Adjunct Rep, San Diego Mesa College
    CTA/NEA/SCEA Executive Adjunct Rep., Southwestern Community College
    AFT National Adjunct Caucus Vice President

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